Ten Blogging Lessons I've Learned

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Admit it or not, there are some things that we need to learn and discover when it comes to blogging. We search answers to our questions and sometimes we don't feel like asking other people. One good venue to learn is attending free blogging events and seminars like what Blogger Fiesta did last time. For a whole day of discussion, sharing of thoughts on blogging, discovering online measures, meeting new and common friends in blogosphere is a good opportunity for you to grow as a blogger.

1. Sense of Humor - That is right. We don't feel like a geek. Sometimes we tend to throw jokes on each other, getting each other familiarize with our friend's behavior. Just always remember this rule - no hitting below the belt.

2. Remain Humble - You've been praised by a lot of people yet you feel that you are the most popular. Keep your feet on the ground and acknowledged the recognition. Accept the challenges and bring good results.

3. We Are Not ROBOTS, we are HUMANS - Don't feel guilty if you ranked N/A on PageRank, lost a lot of backlinks, your keywords cannot be seen online; The most important thing to remember is - your readers. Are they still interested on your articles? How much recommendations and shares you've got? Or are there any readers who religiously keep on posting his/her comments.

4. Smile :) - Always wear a smile. Even if you stuck on a traffic and arrived late - Smile...You ran out of press kits and freebies -- Smile.  These are just tangible things, the most important thing is you communicate with other people and learn how to accept their short comings.

5. Be Yourself - Don't pretend that you are a different persona. Even don't use other people's name in the registration forms. You can use your pen names or aliases but make sure that you inform everyone. Or make fun of others using anonymous is a big NO.

6. Speak from your heart - You don't like the food, fine. You don't agree with the discussion, raise your hand and encourage a sweet debate. We all entitled with our own opinions that is why your 'remarks' is highly appreciated. good or bad.

7. Take Time - Don't pressure yourself or rush something that might end up into a total mess. Stuck in a meeting and cannot go out? Delegate someone who can represent you (make sure you ask the organizers first). Or, have something important to do? Time is priceless. Make sure you use most of it :)

8. Get Help - Your blog went horrible and don't know how to fix it? Ask a question to forums or threads. Provide a screen caps of what happened and bloggers who are online can share their opinions if they encounter the same problems. Don't forget to blog about it and thanked them in return.

9. Have a strong and universal message - Don't just write that you don't want others feel what you've written. You were chosen to share the message to the public and encourage them to do the same thing as well.

10. Use stories and anecdotes people can relate to - Share your most precious experiences and others might also would love to share their own too through comments. Always make sure that the stories you've wrote were real and with evidences like photos, videos, or screen caps.

These ten lessons were inspired from Dalai Lama. Feel free to post your comments and share your opinions :)

Thank you for reading.

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