Hello Kitty Cyber Clean

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Anyone who has owned any electronic devices like mobile phones, ipods, digital cameras has been using lightweight cloth to clean the surfaces of each devices. Thinking of how you can effectively clean and reach the edges of it is the hardest part which others would recommend not to touch or use cloths or cotton buds because it might leave scratches and it'll be more dangerous. Until I found this cleaning material last weekend. It simply removes and clean the dirt of all electronic devices. I have seen how it was being done, and it's very amazing. The step-by-step guide on how to clean is printed at the back of the label and there is an instructional video on the store to watch.

Cyber Clean® Hello Kitty is ideal for cleaning electronic devices, cell phones, clothes, jewellery, watches, handbags, hairdryer etc.. It is ideal for travelling and your daily living.

* Smell: Strawberry
* Absorbs dirt and dust in cavities
* Has a proven disinficting action
* Does not leave residues
* Ideal for all devices and surfaces
* Catches dirt and kill germs
* Simply press it, then pull: the dirt is gone!
* Use with dry hands
* Ideal for Home & Office: computers, ventilations, consoles, etc...

It is easy to use. Simply press and pull and the dirt is gone!
The price is quite reasonable and you'll never use the old ways of cleaning our devices

Available at Astrovision/Astroplus


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