Unveiling the next cinema 3D TV


The new LG Cinema 3D TV comes with both plasma and LED LCD models, a wide viewing angle along side with wireless connection. Now you can watch your favorite shows together with your family in a more affordable and stylish veiwing. The 3D glasses were just like what you have tried on the cinemas but a more lightweight. There were no batteries needed, an easy to replace  that will gives you a stunning full high dimension 3D picture.


[caption id="attachment_1733" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="LG 3D TV"]LG 3D TV[/caption]

On the concluded Bloggers Blowout, LG has presented the new 3D viewing experience to the audience. Passing through the saying that "Watching excessive TV does not degrade the eyes." There were many studies conducted on why watching excessively or staying infront of your monitor doesn't degrade your eyes. As simple that, it will only causes EYE STRAIN (Revealed by Richard Kho, Neuro-opthalmologist at the American Eye Center, and the president of National Organization of Neuro-optahlmologists in the Philippines). It is recommended to have in between breaks.

Common symptoms of chronic eye strain are dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, not to only mention drying, itching, and redness of the eyes. These symptoms can definitely disrupt everyday activities if steps are not taken to care for one's eyes, says Dr Kho.

To add, 3D viewing with active shutter glasses can also tire out the eyes, even cause dizziness for some people because of the effect of the constant movement and irregular depths produced by conventional 3D TV glasses.

Because of such problems encountered by the consumers, LG Electronics has provided breakthrough technology to allow customers a more comfortable viewing experience. Unlike conventional 3D TV, LG Cinema 3D TV makes use of Film Patterned Retarded (FPR) technology, providing 3D images that are certified 'flicker-free' by European quality assurance agencies TUV and Intertek. This technology virtually eliminates dizziness and cross walk when watching 3D movies at home, allowing you to watch 3D movies comfortably.

The LG Cinema 3D TV glasses are battery free, which eliminates the risk of electromagnetic waves. Weighs only 16
grams, lightweight, flexible and easy to wear.

Experience your most cinematic entertainment with the finest LG 3D TV in the comfort of your home.

You may visit  http://www.lg.com/ph/cinema3d and see it for yourself.

We have personally witnessed how gorgeous and convenient watching from LG 3D TV At Bloggers Blow Out held in Astrovision in Greenbelt 5, through OrangeMagazinetv.com

You can read the exclusive coverage here at http://blog.orangemagazinetv.com/2011/orangemagazinetv-astroplus-bloggers-blowout-event/

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