Poison Control and Information Service


Many would ask where to get immediate help if someone gets poisoned for accidents. The National Poison and Management Control Center (NPMCC) has been serving the country since 1975 through the prevention and management of poisoning.

Poison Control and Information Service has provided 24 hours daily through telephone information service, referrals, laboratory services, providing reference materials on chemical poisoning management, and toxicovigilance/advocacy.

Education and Training - focuses on five sub-services from epidemiologic profiling of poisoning cases to development of standard treatment guidelines for poisoning management as well information and education campaign materials

Linkage and Extension service - provides this to eight institutions (five local and 3 international).

You may contact The National Poison and Management Control Center:

Ward 14 -A Room 19, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines

Telephone numbers: 5241078 *Hotline

Email Address: toxinfo@uppoisoncenter.org



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