Time To Heal and Move On

I have this situation wherein a friend posted in a group and then some people blamed me for the issue.

With regards to that, I went mad and I really didn't get the point of other people saying these advices.

1. Am not the one who posted, yet I'm the one who was being blamed
2. These people are too immature too handle.
3. I've already back off to some of the activities which I think will only occupy my time to pretend that everything is going under control.
4. To you who said that advice, mind your own business.
5. And to those who I removed and will continue to ignore in the future --- LEAVE ME ALONE.

I guess this is a good venue for me to reveal how I felt right after an issue in a certain blogging group.
If I have remove you from my timeline and list. Don't dare to explain. I was hurt and I need space.

Yes, my blogging activity still goes on. Sorry for the backlogs.


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