Yahoo! Philippines - Purple Sessions

The 'Pitong Pinoy' awardees gave an inspirational talk to the students of MINT College at McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio last September 21, 2011.

Yahoo! Philippines invited Filipinos to nominate 'seven' Filipinos who are extraordinary and serve as role models to their own communities. The official nomination of these modern day heroes were chosen based on the accomplishments they've made and became an inspiration to the public.

Jay Jaboneta

The power of social media for a cause. Jay Jaboneta's Facebook status message seeking help to raise funds for Zamboanga students who were forced to cross the river every single day just to able to get to school. A simple yet humble message,  he was able to fulfill his dream to have these children of Zamboanga a transport service to their schools.

Anna Oposa

At her young age at 23, Anna Oposa were really care and love for the environment. Initiated Save the Philippine seas wherein she would like to encourage young people like her to campaign for the protection of marine life.

Tomas Leonor

Tomas Leonor, "StepJuan" traveled from North Luzon to Southern Luzon to expressed his support for the awareness about cancer and raises funds for the children with cancer. I was able to hear his story and not ordinary human being can walked 1,241.5 kilometers in seven islands and ten provinces in the Philippines. Wishing all the best for his next agenda, Mindanao.


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