The shirt says it all

Do you always thirst for attention? Do you always want people to remember you? Well, you can do all you want to become known. You can tumble, eat an elephant, drink hot coffee through your eyes, juggle 5 swords, befriend a greyhound, anything dangerous. Just make sure you're safe at the end of the day. Meanwhile, while you are trying to draw the eyes of many, there is an effective ways to save you from yourself. You can still be an attention-catcher by just plainly walking on the street. Wear t-shirts with good designs, t-shirts with funny sayings or something that is related to you.

[caption id="attachment_1683" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="The PageRank Shirt"]PR shirt [/caption]

Customized t shirts are funny not with its layout, on what was written there. For sure, all the people in front of you will lean closer just to see what you're shirt is saying. Statement shirts are the new black in fashion. A lot of people are wearing funny t shirts because they represent a lot, more than just a fashion statement. Like when you say “Fat people are hard to kidnap” for sure fat people will react, keeping it to themselves. If you want to look funny, wear hilarious t shirts. Make fun of the old sayings. You can also play on road signs, gay pick up lines, anything in the world you think is funny. The newer the punchline is, the better. You can say anything on your funny t shirt. Because when we say funny, it is not offensive. Only dumb people gets offended by the shirt.

“My resolution is to get healthier while still destroying myself with alcohol and drugs”. It is inspirational, isn't it? You can mock people without directly saying it. Through your custom shirt, you can say, “ I see dumb people”, or “this guy beside me is an idiot”. You told the truth and you stayed safe.

There are many things you can put to make funny t shirts. If you want, you can put there all the stupid jokes of Oprah Winfrey. You can also tell to all the people how much you love sex. A little gross, but it is alright. At least you've expressed yourself. You can mock politicians. You can screw their famous lines, or their faces to become funnier. This will need you bravery. You can also claim you've had an affair with Angelina Jolie or any celebrity.

Through your funny t shirts, you are very much welcome to become mean and stubborn. You can say whatever you want. Whatever means here both offensive and inspirational. Of course, if it is not a funny saying, you won't draw attention. Funny t shirts are supposed to make people laugh. You should wear them with confidence, you'll see them all laughing at you.


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