Banchetto newest venue is at SM CUBAO!

One of the widest and affordable food zone at midnight! Check out its new venue at SM Cubao this weeked :)

You may read more info about Banchetto here


BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO, the NEWEST VENUE of them all, Awareness Campaign during SM.Cubao's mallwide sale from
Start:         Sep 30, '11 10:00a
End:         Oct 1, '11 12:15a
Location:         At the veranda of SMCUBAO where BDO is located facing the building of call center companies

The newest venue of them all, BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO will start its awareness campaign so people will know that BANCHETTO will have a weekly regular event in SM.CUBAO starting on the 2nd week of October.

At the same time, SM.CUBAO will also have a shout out that BANCHETTO will now be held regularly in their area. They think that the best time for people to know or be aware will be during their mallwide sale, and still extend BANCHETTO hours up to 2am to give way to all call center people in the area.

THURSDAY, September 29 from 10am, overnight till 12.15am, FRIDAY September 30
FRIDAY, September 30 from 10am, overnight till 12.15am, SATURDAY, October 1
SATURDAY, October 1 from 10am, overnight till 12.15am, SUNDAY, October 2
SUNDAY, October 2 from 10am, overnight till 12.15am, MONDAY, October 3


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