Ariel Goes 3D

Ariel brings together fabric care and fashion in the country’s biggest 3D Event!

The country's first 3D Event! I was so lucky to witnessed Ariel's 3D technology event for fabric care and fashion brought to you by Ariel Stainlift with Deep Clean Technology. A first of its kind 3D projection mapping show was held at SMX Open Grounds near Microtel Mall of ASia showing from the building from a flat facade to a 3-dimensional surface.

3D technology has improved how people see and experience the world by showing the multiple layers of a seemingly flat object or image. 3D projection mapping is a growing phenomenon globally and has been used by innovation leaders from various industries. In the Philippines, laundry leader Ariel is the first in its industry to use this to complement the launch of its newest detergent developed using 3D technology to provide a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface until the deeper layers of clothing fibers.

Coinciding appropriately enough with Philippine Fashion Week, this event brought together fabric care and fashion by combining the expertise of fabric care leader Ariel and the Philippines’ leading clothing retailer Bench. Together, Ariel and Bench presented the country’s first outdoor 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show with breathtaking visuals of models the height of the Microtel building garbed in Bench’s current collection, which is available in all stores nationwide.

Attendees were also able to see how 3D technology was used in the research and development of the new Ariel through an enhanced viewing experience. The venue was fully equipped with several next generation TVs, the LG Cinema 3D TV, the world’s first flicker free 3D TV from LG Electronics, the global leader and innovator in 3D TV technology.


This spectacle of breakthrough 3D technology was hosted by Boy Abunda, Ariel’s celebrity endorser. Abunda shared, “I am privileged to have been one of the first to witness the 3D power of new Ariel 3D Deep Clean during its global launch in Dubai. I only endorse brands which I know are proven to work, and I personally saw how Ariel used 3D technology to create a product that cleans even the deepest clothing layers. After that, I realized ordinary clean is no longer enough for our clothes. It has to be 3D Deep Clean by Ariel.”

Gelain Reyes, Brand Manager for Ariel, explains, “Ariel used 3D technology to better understand how dirt and stains penetrate fabrics in order to make Ariel even better.” With 3D technology, Ariel discovered that clothing consists of not one but multiple layers of fibers and that stains penetrate deep into these layers, making them more difficult to remove.

New Ariel Stainlift has a breakthrough deep cleaning formula to effectively clean and remove tough stains even from multiple, deep layers of fibers. As any fashionista would know, clothes can never be

fashionable unless they are clean and stain-free so a laundry detergent that effectively cleans beyond the surface is important. “Only Ariel promises 3D Deep Clean to help keep clothes looking like new even after several washes so that fashionistas continue to look their best every day. Other detergents may not clean as deeply so while clothes appear clean on the surface, there are still dirt and stains trapped deep within which contributes to clothes looking old, worn, and even dingy,” shares Reyes.

Bench Brand Manager Mae Jeanjaquet also saw first-hand in Dubai how Ariel removes stains like ink, oil and dirt even up to the third layer. “Bench is pleased to partner with Ariel because we share the same vision in providing quality clothing and fabric care to every Filipino. We saw how Ariel provides a deeper kind of clean and we can say Bench trusts Ariel to clean Bench clothes,” said Ms. Jeanjacquet.

Everyone can still watch how the 3D power of new Ariel 3D Deep Clean comes to life alongside the Bench 3D fashion show. Search “Ariel 3D Deep Clean” on YouTube to view the amazing 3D Projection Mapping Show. Aside from the first 3D Projection Mapping for Fabric Care and Fashion, Ariel continues its 3D innovations by launching the country’s first-ever 3D commercial in November. Hurry and get your very own 3D glasses that comes free with specially-marked Ariel packs to view the first ever 3D commercial, another breakthrough from innovation leader Ariel. These special packs with 3D glasses will be sold in stores beginning October 30.

See the world of fabric care differently as laundry leader Ariel goes 3D!


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