Ipanema collaborates with style engineer Dave Ocampo

Manila, Philippines – Ipanema creates a stellar collaboration with fashion designer Dave Ocampo as he premieres his alluring pieces for the Ipanema Resort Wear Collection.

Hot off the heels of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012, Ocampo’s Ipanema Resort Wear Collection makes a fun and feminine statement using loose silhouettes, light fabrics, and floral prints. “I made a collection celebrating colors, love, art, and feminism to emphasize the silhouette of the human form,” says Ocampo.

Ocampo has cleverly incorporated femininity with boldness into his style for the Ipanema Resort Wear Collection. “For me the Ipanema brand is a perfect fit for my look this season because it has the same qualities that are very light and comfortable in terms of product quality and trendy designs.” shares Ocampo. His collection is infused with a calm comfort and a confident sensuality.

“For this season, my collection will have a relaxed look. I am showing more skin and incorporating something very light for the fabric. I also used different materials like spandex and stretch tulle combined with bright and vibrant colors that are very comfortable as shown in the cuts and designs. Only footwear like Ipanema’s will match my collection this season.” expresses Ocampo.

Dave Ocampo’s vision is apparent as his collection creates a fun and feminine movement in his pieces that are composed of effortless technique and translucent fabrics. For this particular endeavor, Ipanema definitely made a one-of-a-kind collaboration to be able to achieve the overall look that Ocampo was going for.

Dave Ocampo started as an apprentice for Edwin Uy, a recognized designer and a big name in the industry of fashion design. With Edwin Uy’s guidance, Dave Ocampo was able to train and explore designing tailored cuts, geometric shapes and figures. These are evident in his manner of designing, as all his works possess elements of class, glamour and elegance. His collection showcases clothes perfect for the modern-day woman.

As one of the country’s top flip-flop brands and fashion staple, Ipanema stands for everything light, sensual, and tropical. Flip-flops have gone from being the default footwear for a lazy day to a valuable accessory and fashion must have. With the Ipanema Ritmos collection, Dave has created great beach fashion the way it should be: comfortable, vibrant, festive, and above all, stylish.

To check out the list of stores carrying the Ipanema Spring-Summer Collection ’12, you may visit their website at www.ipanemaphils.com or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines.

Ipanema Collection Pairing for PFW 2012


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