Kiko Rustia on BlueWater Day Spa Cellulite Melter Massage and Revita Shape Treatment

Environmental TV Show Host Kiko Rustia
Thousands of viewers who sit in front of the tube every Wednesday evening are only too familiar with the dreadlocks of host Kiko Rustia and the often-death-defying stunts he has to do to bring into focus the country’s rich biodiversity.

Says Kiko about co-hosting “Born to be Wild”: “It’s physically demanding and it’s really, really stressful at times because I’m always in the field so I‘m subjected to the elements. But it’s something I love doing. I love the outdoors; I love the environment; I love nature. That’s why I guess I really love what I do.”

The job has taken Kiko to some of the most remote parts of the country—from deep inside a cave, to somewhere high up in the forest canopy. He also has to face extreme weather conditions—be it in the middle of a raging storm, or under the scorching heat of the sun. In all of these experiences, Kiko has never failed to look at the Philippines in awe.

“One of the most important things that I’ve learned doing this job is how beautiful the country is and how much potential we have—if only we’ll work together; if only we realize what we have and start protecting it.”

While he doesn’t try to hide his passion for nature, Kiko also harbors a deep fondness for grandmothers, a segment of society that he feels should be given more attention and one which he plans to help in the near future.

Kiko opens up: “Pangarap ko balang araw, given the chance and the opportunity, na makapagtayo ng foundation para sa mga lola. Kasi hindi alam ng marami—and I’m sure hindi ine-expect ng marami—na lola’s boy ako. Laking lola ako at sobrang love na love ko ‘yung mga lola ko. You know sila ‘yung mga heroes ko sa buhay na ‘to. Ang hindi ko kayang makita eh isang lolang nanglilimos. Or ‘yung mga lola na hindi komportable ang buhay. Lifelong dream ko na maitayo ko ‘yung foundation na ‘yun.

When he is not diving in the Sulu Sea, or wading in brackish waters to look for monster fishes, Kiko spends time with his family and goes to the gym. “And then, of course, I go to BlueWater Day Spa para naman ‘yung mga stressed ko muscles ma-relax. I also avail of certain treatments that help promote wellness,” he says. “And there’s only one spa that I go to… that’s BlueWater Day Spa. No other spa has given me the treatments that I look for and the right massages that my body needs”

At BlueWater Day Spa, Kiko goes for the spa’s exclusive Cellulite Melter Massage—a 90-minute treatment that helps the body shed off excess water. It also revitalizes the skin, making it youthful-looking.

‘Yung isang treatment naman na ina-avail ko sa BlueWater is ‘yung Revita Shape Treatment. It’s a high tech treatment that uses radio frequency ‘tsaka electromagnetic energy para ma-burn mo ‘yung mga fats,” says Kiko. The Revita Shape Treatment heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. The process promotes good skin and helps burn fats.


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