Coach Andy Leuterio: On BlueWater Day Spa Athlete’s Massage

Tri-Athlete and Coach Andy Leuterio
As a triathlete coach, Andy helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary feats. He explains, “Almost all of my clientele are working people or executives. And my challenge is how to fit in the training of swimming, biking and running into a normal life where you have work, where you have family and other responsibilities. It’s my job to teach them how to make the most of their available training time and help them break barriers to achieve their goal of joining and finishing a triathlon.”

This, Andy admits, is a demanding task because he has to craft the training program of each and every client—a program tailor-made to suit an individual’s schedule, lifestyle, health and physical capability. A significant part of the training program involves several hours a day actually training people and preparing their body for the rigorous competition. “On top of that, I have to do my own training, so my job requires me to work basically seven days a week. I rarely get rest days,” he says.

Beneath Andy’s tough stance, however, is a gentle and nurturing heart. Last year, when he helped organized the Cobra Iron Man 70.3 in Cam Sur, Andy decided to dedicate the race to a foundation that deeply touched his heart.

“I met the people of the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation. They’re a group of volunteer doctors and dentists who do free surgical operations to kids born with cleft lips and cleft palates. And as a new father, I realized that there are a lot of parents out there who are not too fortunate to have a perfect baby when it comes out of the womb,” tells Andy.

With the Iron Man competition, Andy was able to raise money for the foundation, and from then on he decided to make the fundraising a personal annual crusade to support the foundation’s worthwhile projects. This year, he again raised money for the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, and is directing a considerable percentage of the proceeds of other lined up projects to go directly to the foundation.

Andy believes, however, that his physically demanding career compels him to take care of his body. To relax and help his body heal, Andy heads to BlueWater Day Spa. He says, “To recover, or to recharge, I like to go to BlueWater Day Spa and get a good Athlete’s Massage to really work out the kinks in my shoulders, my back, and legs. It reduces risk of injury by loosening the body’s connective tissues and muscles, and it also improves range of motions and muscle flexibility.”

Andy adds, “What’s good about the Athlete’s Massage is that it shortens the body’s recovery time with the improved blood circulation, the nutrients more evenly and more quickly through the body so that you are able to bounce back after a hard workout and get back into training right away.”

Since his feet also get a lot of the strain, Andy takes special care of them. “Many athletes fail to give their feet the proper care. That’s’ why BlueWater Day Spa gives me the chance to pamper my feet with the soothing Foot Reflexology. It’s a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points in the feet. This alleviates the source of discomfort by relieving the symptoms of stress, injury and illness.”



Andy Leuterio said he would like to clarity that he didn't help with the organization of the Ironman 70.3 Philippines Camsur triathlon, and raced it as an age-group participant and raise funds among his network based on his eventual finish time.

Thanks to Sir Andy for the clarification.

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