Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Pamper yourself at BlueWater Day Spa

Social Business Leader Reese Fernandez-Ruiz
Looking more like a fresh college grad than an award-winning social entrepreneur, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz is a contrasting personality. On the one hand, she is a soft-spoken young woman, but on the other, she is a recipient of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise (Young Laureates Programme) for her efforts in Rags2Riches.

“Rags2Riches is a social business enterprise that helps marginalized communities earn a living and partner with famous designers. I’m part of a team that provides livelihood to a group of women artisans. And we partner with designers so that they’re products will be of higher value. And we also use up-cycled raw materials such as scrap cloth and indigenous and organic materials in order to create home and fashion accessories,” Reese begins.

Because of her hard work and dedication, Reese was able to convince such high-profile designers as Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz and Oliver Tolentino to lend their creativity in designing the bags, accessories and other knick-knacks that Rags2Riches produces. Through this partnership, participating artisan housewives were able to augment and raise their family income to as much as 200 percent. The creations have also garnered international attention, some even founding their way into the pages of high fashion magazines as French Elle and Hong Kong Tatler.

What does it take to be a social entrepreneur? Reese answers: “As a social entrepreneur, I have to be very optimistic. I have to believe in other people so that I can help them. And I have to believe that hope is there and that it is possible to make a better life for everyone. I also have to be relentless; I have to be passionate and always inspired.”

Indeed, her relentless energy has propelled the once unheard of company into the forefront of design. But when she does need a little downtime, Reese simply goes to Blue Water Day Spa. “What I do to relax, to pamper myself, is to go to nature adventures. I read books. But when I feel the need to really pamper myself, I go to BlueWater Day Spa.”

Reese finds BlueWater Day Spa to be the ideal spa for her “because it has a very good ambience and you actually feel that you are being taken care of. And it’s important for me to feel rejuvenated, to feel that I am special. For somebody who’s always thinking about other people, taking care of other people, it’s also good to be taken care of once in a while. And BlueWater Day Spa is the perfect place to feel that way.”

At BlueWater Day Spa, Reese finds time to take care of her skin with the Radiant Facial Treatment. She explains, “This is a complete facial skin care pampering that uses an exclusive European formula. It gently cleanses, tones, exfoliates and extract impurities on my skin. The result is a smoother, refreshed skin that glows with youthful radiance!”


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