Illac Diaz on BlueWater Day Spa’s Combo Herbal Massage and Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment

Social Entrepreneur Illac Diaz
Having made a name as a model and as a media personality, Illac Diaz now uses the fame to push forward his greatest passion—to provide easy and workable solutions to meet the average Filipino’s basic needs for shelter, education and lighting. He does this in his capacity as executive director for My Shelter Foundation—a social enterprise that looks for solutions for the poor.

“My Shelter Foundation is a social enterprise that basically looks for uncommon solutions to common problems. We do all kinds of alternative construction using bamboo, soil or plastic bottles to create homes and schools that are cheaper and are more affordable for rural communities,” Illac enumerates. In his drive to provide ideal habitats and communities, Illac never loses track of his company’s vision of caring for the environment.

Illac explains: “One of the passions that we have really is to bring green technologies to the poorest. Not only for the top 1%, but to bring alternative green constructions and alternative lighting to vast majorities of Filipinos. We believe that if you improve the life of a single family in a small way, but in the millions, you do more for the country rather than invest in a large way but only affect a few Filipinos. So alternative technologies are the future and I am very passionate about it.”

To take care of himself, Illac goes to BlueWater Day Spa to get treatment and some well-deserved pampering. He says, “I think that with regular exercise that you also need to work out those tense muscles that are hard to reach. And that’s why I go to Blue Water Day Spa to completely restore my body and mind.”

Illac has found the perfect relief in BlueWater Day Spa’s Combo Herbal Massage—a treatment that targets the tense and knotted muscles using a combination of Swedish and shiatsu techniques. “The Combo Herbal Massage is perfect because it relaxes tense and overworked muscles, but at the same time soothes aches and pains. The medicinal herbal properties of the pack that is used in the massage also improve the appearance of the skin. It stimulates the senses making it a perfect massage.”

Being in a high-profile and visible career, Illac knows that he has to put his best face forward everyday—the very reason he loves BlueWater Day Spa’s Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment. Says Illac, “This one clears out blemished skin and reduces impurities. It uses the unique Beaubelle skin technology to moisturize, clarify, cleanse and condition the skin making this a perfect way to rejuvenate and make your skin younger.”


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