My Shopping Experience at The Little Things She Needs at Eastwood City Walk 2

Launching its first branch in the Philippines, The Little Things She Needs is now open at Eastwood City Walk 2. From a shoe brand, it transformed into a wide range of accessories which every little things (us girls) we need from bags, shoes, hair accessories and ornaments. A brand from Indonesia, and it was just announced that there will be more branches to open in Metro Manila and neighboring Asian regions.

I personally visited the store and took some photos of the products they are selling. We were given a chance to shop on that day and I chose to shop for pair of earrings!  All items were so stylish, vintage and refreshing. If you're thinking where to buy good and affordable things we (she) needs, oh well, visit this store and everything is here. And, If you're asking for the price range, you can actually start budgeting from Php200 and above. Isn't that affordable enough to look fab?

Here are the photos taken at the store opening. Congratulations to the Philippine owners/managers, and all who made The Little Things She Needs. Welcome to the Philippines!!!

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