Christian Bautista: New Album, Outbound

From his self-titled debut album, Christian Bautista which was launched few years ago, here comes another surprise for all those who supports and love his music. "Outbound," is Christian Bautista's new album this year which transformed himself as "an artist" collaborating with international artists and producers from the United States, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

A finalist of Star in a Million, Christian said he learned a lot in his craft. Kitchen Musical which is currently shown on AXN and Studio 23 is a Pan-Asian musical TV series that made him proud working together with other Filipino artists like Karylle and some other International Stars.


I've been a great fan of Christian. Actually, my mom and I bought most of his albums at the music stores. I've already met him during his 'Completely' album tour and since then, I'm always looking forward to his future projects. And I won't forget those moments when some of my friends from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia asked for Christian's photos and send all related links, videos, news to their inboxes.

He said, "It's the first time that we want to try and attempt to do more outside  the country. And yes, I'm very proud of this album," listening from his first single, "All That's Left," his music I should say has been so different and refreshing.

You're the best thing that has ever happened to me
For I'd locked my heart but you found the key
You bring out the best in whatever's left of me
All that's left of me
-Christian wrote the lyrics, an upbeat song but you'll be inspired upon listening to it :)

Faith, originally by George Michael was perfectly arranged and used for Kitchen Musical. I've watched this episode, and Christian did the classical dance steps which he said trying to synchronized his moves and challenged him to become a good performer.

Christian collaborates with other artists including Grammy-nominated multi-platinum instrumentalist Jim Brickman for "Never Far Away" and K-Pop R&B Trio One Way for "Wrong Number," Indonesian songwriter Satrio for the hit song "I'm Already King," and with Avex Japan's amazing Baby M for the lovely duet "Sakura."

Also Christian said, "This is the right time to pursue new paths and directions. And there is no better way to begin this new and exciting phase than to share my latest work with you. With your support and a personal sense of renewed energy and devotion, I am ready to face the challenge of the future."

"Outbound" is out now in all major record stores nationwide under Universal Records

1. All That's Left
2. Unphotographable
3. Faith
4. I'm Already King
5. What Can I Do
6. Never Far Away
7. Wrong Number
8. Sakura

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