BlueWater Day Spa at Six: Innovating on the SPA Experience

BlueWater Day Spa is one of the best and innovative Spa in Metro. On its sixth year, Bluewater Day Spa has been around to provide newly-built spas and innovative services for all those who would love to relax, pampered and spend the rest of their leisure time.

Apart from giving the best spa services in town, BlueWater Day Spa believes in giving the customer the ultimate wholeness and confidence on a healthy mind and body. Quoting from the Vice President of BlueWater Day Spa, Mr Ryan Simisim; Explaining 'Innovating Wholeness' is not just a slogan but a maxim we live and adhere to'- the motto that helped and guide all clients of BlueWater Day Spa for its continuous innovative health treatments for a wider health and beauty concerns. In line with this, BlueWater Day Spa has also secured the endorsement of some of the country's most innovative and creative personalities.

Tagged as 'Ambassadors' (unlike endorsers who only poses with the product); These personalities has valued the commitment, dedication, creativity and innovation. An inspiration on their countless achievements and aspiration for a better country, these eight innovators and wholeness ambassadors include athlete, journalist and triathlon coach Andy Leuterio, international classical concert pianist and musical director Angelo Ortiz, publishing executive and finance expert Blanca Mercado, social entrepreneur Illac Diaz, environmental TV show host Kiko Rustia, strategic broker and wellness activist Conrad Perreras, model, entrepreneur and money broker Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and social business leader Reese Fernandez-Ruiz.

BlueWater Day Spa’s wholeness ambassadors also represent its new portfolio of services that represent groundbreaking techniques, innovative treatments and technologically advanced machinery to help one achieve a healthier body, more beautiful skin and a peaceful mind.

These treatments include massage therapies as Athlete’s Massage, Foot Reflexology, Traditional Filipino Hilot, Hand Restoration Treatment, Combo Herbal Massage, Cellulite Melter Massage; machine treatments that include the Revita Shape Treatment and Revita Firming Treatment, and facial and skin processes like the FPL (Fluorescent Pulse Light) Non-Surgical Facelift, Radiant Facial Treatment and Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment.

Glamour Moments will feature Innovation Stories coming from our ambassadors personal experiences from BlueWater Day Spa.


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