My Househusband starring Ryan and Judy Ann for MMFF

My Househusband is produced by Octo Arts Films starring real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. Married for two years, the couple said that this movie is different; relating themselves as a new couple and adding up their children on the side.

A light comedy about husband and wife who have exchanged roles at least in the traditional sense, that is, Rod stays at and tends to home while Mia earns a living. A film with a twist, more of the lighter and heavy side of parental and household duties. Quoting Ryan that this is not the usual 'andres de saya' film. His role has also an eyeopener and will give idea to the husbands like him in dealing such kind of situations. From the award winning director, Jose Javier Reyes which the couple worked with for Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. Both topgrossers and gave them an excitement as loveable couple to do another film.

According to Ryan, he is excited to do this movie because this is sort of a homecoming for him as an actor (he also starred in 2005 Kutob by Octo Arts). Quoting, "Masayang masaya ako because Boss Orly Ilacad was the very fist producer who trusted me enough to give me a role in a movie. It's nice to go back where you started basically I Know we are in good hands here"

“Direk Joey is a cool guy. It’s very easy to work with him provided that you come to work prepared---which should be the case anyway,” Judy Ann said. “He knows how to strike the balance between maintaining a happy set and keeping everything running with clockwork precision.”
In reading the script of “My Househusband,” Ryan and Judy Ann found themselves empathizing with the lead characters though not necessarily according to gender. “Some of the things that happen to Mia, I myself have gone through in life,” said Ryan.

“And there were instances when I can relate to how Rod reacts to a situation because I feel I would do the same if it were me,” said Judy Ann. The actress notes that Mia is the supportive and patient kind of wife versus the loudmouthed, obnoxious and strong-willed ones she has played before. Ryan, on the other hand, says Rod is a very principled guy and one with a lot of heart.

The pair is confident that more than entertaining the audience, “My Househusband” gives a realistic idea of what a marriage is like. “You realize that the vow about staying together ‘for better or for worse’ is no lip service,” he said.

Judy Ann rejoined: “If anything, we hope the people would leave the audience enlightened that conflicts actually spice up a marriage if handled correctly. These problems can actually make the husband and wife stronger for their family.”
"My Househusband" under OctoArts Films is an entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.


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