Some Useful Tools For Your Wordpress Blog

I've been using WP for how many years and I'm glad that the facilities, applications and tools has improved a lot. I'm now comfortable working on my blog at Wordpress. Though I also have several blogs hosted at Blogger (which is my first love hehehe), You too can also try checking the free tools offered by WP.

One of the biggest developments in blogging today is the entry of Wordpress. The software enabled bloggers to manage tons of post and organized their blogs into more orderly materials. The newer version even allow integration of multimedia into the posts. This one has become the reason why the software has become the most popular one for bloggers around the world.

However, many still find Wordpress a bit wanting. Some say that there are still more that needs to be done with the thing to make it even better. But of course, with the rate of software development, it will likely take some time before all of this can be taken into account. Luckily, there are actually a host of plug-ins that you can get to take care of these misses.


One of the more important tools that you can get for your Wordpress blog is the All in One SEO Pack. This neat plug-in is available for easy download from the Wordpress site. As the name says, it takes care of all the SEO matters for your posts and help improves their visibility in the search engines. The main feature of the tool is is its ability to optimize your post titles much better this means that they can be better located by the search engines and easily displayed to users.

On the other hand, if your viewers are having some trouble loading the posts from your blog, the n you might want to consider installing WP Cache. The plug-in works by caching and turning your individual posts into static pages. This way, the server only needs to build the page from the stored file instead of having to run the entire code. This one is good if you are running on limited server capacity.

And for those wanting to a bit more spice to their blogs, Sideblog is actually a good tool to use. The plug-in presents itself as a sidebar to your main blog where you can post short messages. This one is ideal for posting quick notes and announcements to viewers. Some have even actually used this one to put on witty lines that have become a main attraction of their blogs.


And since social bookmarking has become a popular activity to many net surfers nowadays, it certainly is a must that you have a tool for it in your blog. This way, you can let your users spread the word about your blog much easier. And this is exactly what Sociable does. It adds small icons for several bookmarking sites (you can specify which ones to include) to your posts so that visitors can easily access them and mark your posts in one go.

But of course, these tools wouldn't be worth it if your blog have technical troubles. Luckily, here are two more nifty tools that you can add to your stash for this one. Broken Link Checker sits in the background and tests your blogs for broken links and immediately repairs and reports them back to you.

On the other hand, WP PageNavi will help you in coming up with a better navigation setup for your blog, which means that your users won't have to fumble around looking for specific pages in your blog.

I know that we have our own taste in choosing some of wp tools available. If you have suggestions or would like to add, kindly comment below and you're welcome to discuss anything about wp apps/tools here in my blog :)

Happy Blogging!!!


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