Athena: Beauty and Nutrition now in Milk

A milk that designed for every woman beauty and nutrition needs, Athena gives you beautrition which is very important to every woman.

Strong Bones: Athena has more calcium than your average dairy product making sure you get what is necessary for maintaining good bone mass levels, also enriched with Vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption and Vitamin K to bind calcium and other minerals to strengthen your bones.

Slim Figure: Some would thought that drinking milk will get you fat, Athena is nutritionally balanced and low in fat so that you can albe to guiltlessly indulge without worrying about those extra calories.

Beautiful Skin: Athena also takes care of your skin. The only milk with anti-oxidants that combat thhe cell-damaging free radicals in your body. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Zinc combine to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays and pollution.

A total makeover. Athena is what every woman needs.

Thanks Athena for sending me two boxes. I'm now an Athena-holic.

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