Musical Director Angelo Ortiz on BlueWaterDay Spa Hand Treatments

International Classical Concert Pianist and Musical Director Angelo Ortiz
Soft-spoken and a bit shy, Angelo Ortiz is nevertheless a dynamic personality behind the piano. His creativity and virtuosity had won him the World Championship of the Performing Arts in Hollywood in 2006. A recipient of the Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation grant, Angelo is likewise regarded as one of the pioneers of classical pop music in the Philippines.

The grace and luxury of the music emanating from the contact his fingers make with the ivories belie the involvedness and effort that the discipline involves. Angelo reveals that “as a classical pianist, I have to practice at least four hours a day, and during concerts, I practice literally the whole day. So, classical piano is a very hard thing to do. I have to give a lot of time for it.”

Apart from playing the piano, Angelo is also a prolific composer and musical director—vocations that require more from him creatively as well as physically. As a musical director and composer he does various orchestrations to create a single composition. To face up to the demanding task, Angelo meditates and, while doing so, composes entire symphonies in his mind. “It helps to meditate and contemplate because I write for different instruments like the violin, cello, etc. Meditation helps my mind to be fully rested and gives me the necessary focus and concentration.”

Providing inspiration to this young musical genius is the knowledge that every time he tinkers with the piano, he is given the opportunity to share with the less fortunate—especially the city’s countless street children who have made the dirty pavements their home.

He explains, “In most of my concerts, I really request for the street children to be the beneficiaries of the event. It just breaks my heart to see so many young children living on the streets when they should be growing up in a secure, clean and happy environment where they can grow to be responsible members of society. So I do fundraising most of the time for the less fortunate. And outside the concerts, I still continue to help them because these children really have no one to turn to.”

To be able to play excellently for his audience, as well as for his favorite charities, Angelo knows that he has to take care of his hands. “After long hours of practice my hands can become so tense so I need to rest them. Most of the time I simply go to sleep, but to give them extra pampering, I go to BlueWater Day Spa to have my hands rejuvenated and for my whole body to be rested.”

At BlueWater Day Spa, Angelo indulges in the Traditional Filipino Hilot to relieve his body of muscle pains, aches, and discomfort. His hands and fingers, on the other hand, require careful pampering so he goes for the Hand Restoration Treatment.

“My hands are my tools for creating music so I give them the utmost care,” he reveals. “I give them the Hand Restoration Treatment. It raises skin levels so that the tendons, joints and veins are not prominent. It also aids in building collagen and hydrates the skin of the hands. That way, I can be assured that my hands are healthy for me to play my very best,” says Angelo.


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