A Mario Maurer Weekend

I was lucky to see Mario Maurer during his Penshoppe Fan Conference at the PICC Plenary Hall last Friday, October 28. A very tough week because there were too many events lined up before the holiday. My brother, Azrael together with his blogger friends were able to get a good shots of Mario Maurer.

You can check his posts:

Mario Maurer For Penshoppe Fan Conference
(the crowd went crazy when he arrived)

The pinoy fans of Mario Maurer @ fan con
(oh, look for me!)

And, the only photo that my friend took while we were leaving PICC.

We're too lucky to see Mario Maurer at the parking lot! No need to stalk him hahaha.


Mario Maurer For Penshoppe @ Philippine Fashion Week 2012

We (with my blogger friends) attended Ipanema for PFW on that day and saw this huge crowd at Hall 2. A friend gave me these tickets for  PFW - Penshoppe but I wasn't able to get inside because of there were too many people lining up and we just decided to watch MTV Exit at the Concert Grounds.

Want to know more about him? Watch this interview from the Buzz

Don't worry if you failed to see Mario Maurer last weekend. He's doing a film with Erich Gonzales under Star Cinema, entitled "Suddenly It’s Magic" that means, he'll be coming back to shoot and promote :)



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