Mr BigShot Invades Izakaya

We love weekends. Taking a short break and spend a couple of hours with your friends going out to the malls, watching movies, out of town or clubbing. Sometimes, we were already tired and will just go home to spend the rest of the evening sleeping.

Last friday, me and my friends agreed to spend some time together since our schedules were really tight specially this season. We enjoyed meeting new friends and this new energy drink called 'Mr BigShot' that is simply the best energy drink in the universe!



From its product description, Mr BigShot is a powerful energy drink designed to help promote your body's own energy sources by feeding your body certain natural ingredients that elevate your mood, your energy, your stamina, and overall experience with life.

Unlike many energy drinks that focus only one or two stimulating ingredients, Mr BigShot is a complete body shot that feeds all parts of your body for a unique and rewarding boosting experience.

Never exceed more than 2 Mr BigShot in a 24 hour period.

Product Disclaimer: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or under special medication.

Recommendations and protocols for nutritional support are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care.


According to my friends who tried it and compared it to any other energy drink products. And this one is different.  They were able to sustain the energy they've wanted. It has a lemon flavor and soon will be available on the market. Watch out for more events from Mr BigShot so that you could also try it :) for FREE.

You can check out some of the party photos here at their official Facebook Page,



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