Blog Mood Swings

One day, I have nothing to write; all the concepts were blocked and that time I need to rush an article to post. However, there was a heavy feeling of unable to think how to start with. On the first thought, I can easily surpass such kind of mood but am getting bored of writing the same piece of contents like being invited to an event, meeting with friends, bought something that I would like to share online. These are really repetitive and I cannot control such kind of life because I love to blog all the things that happened despited of beating the deadline which is a big dilemma for all of us bloggers.

And here comes other hindrances like reading debates, distractions, news that might affect the blogosphere, latest discovery on social network platforms, etc which I think are one of the reasons why I cannot concentrate on writing because my mood changes and we know its very tiring.

So, how would you deal with blog mood swings? Perhaps, changing location makes it more comfortable (bringing out your laptop to the nearest cafe shop or hanging out with your friend's house first before you start writing your article.

Why not write your concepts on a sheet of paper or notepad and transfer it afterwards? Maybe it helps to break down all ideas and create a unique article afterwards.

Those were just basics on battling boredom with blogging. 

Do you have any other ways to combat your mood swings when it comes to blogging?


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