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In this modern age, everything seems so stressful. From the time you wake up, it is like you are always entering a trouble. I bet, no one lasts the day without feeling stressed. There are some feelings that cannot be healed by pills. What you need is a full rest, get your dream vacation somewhere calm and quiet. Some place where you will forget what you are today. A place that will remind you life is beautiful.

Take a break. Travel to Baguio, experience life's blessing and forget all your duties for a while.

Baguio is a perfect place to release your stress. Being a complete package summer destination you will surely find peace in this island from northern part of the Philippines.

If you've never been in this place, I urge you to pay a visit now. Baguio has a spectacular environment, friendly and beautiful people, good food, attractive spots, nice weather and unique lifestyle. This is why this province is placed among one of the country's top summer tourist destination (for all seasons i mean). These qualities also made Baguio city a perfect place to settle and a great venue for business.

If you want nature, you made the right decision, Baguio is an active participant in preserving the beauty of nature, ahem pine trees. Baguio Residents have committed themselves in taking care of animal's natural habitat. As a matter of fact, majority of their population lives on the urban areas, leaving the greater part of the province clamor-free and untouched.

Whether it's in Mines View Park, Camp John Hay or Burnham Park, you'll find what you are looking for. If you want romance, then you've come to the right place. This is where you can be private. With its proud tall building and stay in hotels like Eurotel Baguio, giving you a nice view of the entire province. Love is indeed in the air here, but what you'll say is, “love is more beautiful here in Baguio.”


Baguio is a gift paradise. A haven for lovers, tourists, artists, anyone who want to experience the beauty of earth.

So if you think you are abusing yourself, take a break now before it's too late. Travel to North Luzon and see for yourself that you deserve a rest. Go to Baguio where you will feel like you are king/queen.

Book for your bus tickets in advance or hire a transport service. The time span may be short, but for sure, the memories will last a lifetime.

Above post is my entry for My Baguio Experience, sponsored by Eurotel. To get to know more of the details of the contest, you may logon to this Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=246200555411309 or visit the official website at http://www.eurotel-hotel.com/mybaguioexperience.html


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