I am Glamour Moments

I admit, I am not skilled graphics designer. What I only wish is to have a simple logo for my blog. I asked my friends to use their imaginations and unique ideas to form a simple Glamour Moments logo. They're not really a PRO but I am happy but everybody sent their ideas from scratch which I really appreciate and thanked them for the extra time they devoted since all of us are busy with our daily routine at work.

The name of Glamour Moments: Actually, I dreamt of having my own online portal wherein I can document everything that happened on a particular date and time. I am so persistent in creating my own blog since I have been participating with different activities online. As I would love to share all activities I've been to, I also like to recommend something online whether a good food, unique items found online, places I've visited, events I attended and so forth. I also included social media and blogging since I've been working for four years as Web Marketing Specialist.

If you happen to stumbled this blog, don't be shy to post your comments or suggestions. I know it is really hard to maintain a blog but it really takes a lot of time and effort to produce a good blog post. I welcome those who sent their requests of blog link exchange and sharing of whatever announcement they have (mostly contests, promos, events, concerts, etc).

Again, thank you for visiting my blog. And this blog will undergo a face lift. So stay tune for its new look :)


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