Incubus live in Manila 2011 - If not now, When? World Tour

The last week of July was truly memorable. Two hottest international bands performed in the Philippines, July 28 for Incubus at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and July 29 for 30 Seconds to Mars. Unfortunately, my schedule was being tortured (I went crazy!) and yet what I've done was to ask someone to attend and make a review of the show :) hahaha...
Quoting from his entry, If Not Now, When? ... From Brandon

"So, if success is a drug, then Incubus is a functioning addict."

-And you are absolutely right mr gorgeous hahaha! 

From that time that the scheudle for Manila was posted at, everybody rushed to the nearest Ticketnet outlets and bought tickets for the show. It was a true certified blockbuster, the Filipino crowd are very enthusiast to watch Incubus.

Fortunately, my brother posted the song list given by the technical team which (he was seated near the audio booth). Songs were from the band's old time favorite hits and from the new album as well. I kept on watching these videos on this YT channel - all clips were good and clear, you can see how the band enjoyed performing that night. There were three encore songs and finally the band said goodbye.

[Youtube] Incubus live in Manila 2011 - Nice To Know You (Encore)

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"cats or dogs, first date, most awkward fan moment"
WATCH: Incubus' "Hot Minute" Interview 


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