Yahoo! Philippines Net Index 2011 Media Briefing

One of the biggest things that probably happened in the online world to date is the emergence of the social media phenomenon. Indeed, people from all walks of life have embraced this one as part of their online lifestyles. And businesses are quick to notice this also and has begun using it for their own purposes. Whether you browse the internet at home, school, workplace or cafes; Users are continuously growing and online behavior has a lot of improvement from exposing to different applications, games, social media platforms establishing a genuine opportunity to the advertisers to expand and able to connect with the users.

Today, let us check on in-dept insights of the current internet trends, evolving digital landscape, and online behavior of the Filipinos. And learn more about Yahoo!-Nielsen Index 2011 Study.

Below are the screenshots taken from the Yahoo! Philippines Net Index 2011 Media Briefing held at Yahoo! Philippines Office in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Dominating the use of Social Media - It is proven that most users are now into the Social Media. Above are the activities done by each users from 2009 to 2011. An increased by 30% is shown in users who visited Social Networking sites and perform regular activities online such as search, instant messaging, email, gaming, audio and video streaming, uploading music and sharing of contents.

Majority of households nowadays has access to the world wide web. Internet cafes are now decelerating from 71% in 2009, with private access at home becoming more popular, increasing from 27% to 35% over the same period. While mobile internet is continuously growing from zero percentage to 5% in 2010 which has to remain stable by 4%.

 What are those contents each users would love to read? Surprisingly, users are into Entertainment like local and international music, video streaming and online photos, playing games.

However, there are factors to consider why the household topped the survey. It also influences how the Broadband/Mobile Internet Companies are competing  to offer value added services.

Also, updated profile is usually done through PC, for the users convenience (perhaps).

With the existence of different group buying, users shown a portion of interest (moderate) and online transactions remains into its infancy stage of development. Also considers the buying power of each consumers are into moderation given by the number of offers sent daily by the aggregation sites.

In summary:
  • Internet growth driven by the young  and upscale audience
  • Home internet access continues to grow, with engagement levels increasing with growth in private access
  • Philippines enormous appetite for social networking could accelerate the emergence of selective socialisation
  • Deal aggregation holds significant potential, but comfort in e-payment platforms and trust levels will dictate the rate of growth.


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