Rockstar Wannabe

It was my first time on my entire 4 years of work service to experience and transferred at Night Shift. The so-called zombie life is really exhausting. My mind was not really functioning at dawn. I haven't tried anything yet to keep me awake, except for coffee that has still no effect on me.

I've seen plenty of energy drinks at the convenience store but I never had a brave face to grab one. Maybe because I don't want to end up to be caught laughing on the side alone or talking nonsense ...

Now, everything has been disorganized mostly on the supposedly things to do at day time. Mood Swings...that's one of the best symptoms, feeling uncomfortable after waking up.

I am patiently waiting for that perfect time, Once I get this FREEDOM...I will party like a ROCKSTAR...oh yeah!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Glamour Moments is going to have a face lift, so stay tune for its loudest comeback!


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