[Pinoy_blogfest 2.0] Social Media drives Social Change

We all knew that our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity which is also known as Social Media. Effective use of social media attracted several programs, organizations, brands and products whereas the information is widely spread through the use of blogs, facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube and so forth.

Below are some of the examples how social media changed the society.

Social Actions and Advocacy - People nowadays are easy to ask for their support through volunteering, donating, signing, making loans believing that the purpose of the advocacy will help all those who are in need of support and encourage other people as well through Social media platforms that we use.

Twitter with a purpose - Just a single tweet, and it will reach out thousands of users to read your message. Usually, we have experience on how powerful it is. Send a campaign through tweets and it will be distributed to your followers and your followers will retweet asking their followers to do the same thing.
[Gang Badoy] Founder, Rock Ed Philippines her utmost experience on freedom of expression

Government Portal - We experienced huge lines of getting permits, birth certificates, and licenses. Today, we can inquire and use the portals to address what we need. On site tweets and virtual messages come first to check out the latest development and campaigns that they usually shared online.
[Usec Manual L. Quezon III]  discussed the influence of social media to disseminate information on social issues and community development

Media Events - Before, we usually learned that a certain event happened right after it was published on the newspaper. A gathering of people without interaction was experienced years before the power of internet has been introduced. A better way to communicate online to check the latest happenings, events, and current issues is through media blogs and websites.
 [Pinoy Blog fest 2.0] A social media event held in Trinoma Activity center, learning how to become a positive agent through social networking courtesy of Gadgets Magazine

Entrepreneurship - Seeking business opportunity during those times were really crucial. Being involved in a community project oftentimes were not successful because it doesn't have enough support from the authority. Nowadays, every projects launched has it own timetable and support were endless coming from reputable brands and commercial agencies to reach out those who would like to establish their own business.

[Coca Cola Live Positively] Introducing the projects that the company has been devoting and continuously campaigning to live positively. (I participated on their Marikina-Sapinit watershed tree planting project).

[KIVA] a micro financing firm that is known globally that focuses on helping local residents to achieve their goals.

Social Media tools are providing the means for fundraisers to operate more efficiently with less overhead and greater margins and for the organizers and brand managers of commercial and non profit endeavorts to build awareness, increase traffic and expand engagement with brands.

You too can share your own experience on how Social Media affects your daily life. From waking up in the morning, going to work and tweeting about something you see and experience in real time. The main point here is, do we really use it efficiently?


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