Photo Overload: Touring office in Ortigas

After launching their new ecommerce platform, has its own home in the Philippines making it into a one big happy family living together in one roof. We were privileged to visit their office in Ortigas and took a tour with the facilities.

Together with my brother, Azrael; we were welcome by a huge sign located at the front door entrance.
We were welcome by the team and they were really friendly. On that time, some merchants were also present and it was their office blessing and welcome party. As we toured the office, we were amazed how huge it is and the wall were designed by weewilldoodle. This will become the battle ground wherein transactions, web development projects, customer support, marketing will take place.

a cafe style pantry

inside the office


The Multiply Team Philippines together with CEO Founder Peter Pezaris
Fortunately, the Multiply owner-founder, Peter Pezaris was also present and we were glad to be able to speak with him for a very limited time. As we interviewed him, he shared his gratitude for our endless support (we Filipinos) to Multiply. According to him, the most number of merchants were actually came from the Philippines. Next, is Indonesia. I also asked about their customer support assistance, He said that the availability of the team will become much visible 24/7 in the near future. Also, I've got few questions about the features of the shopping cart when I tested it. Somehow, I should prepared some of my concerns so that I can able to discussed with him. Oh well, I just said I'll contact the support team once I traced the problems that I've encountered. And, I thank them for allowing me to use the marketplace and order some items last month.

I was also told that they will be holding some entrepreneurship seminars to be held in their office. And teach merchants on how to set up their own multiply shop online and some of its procedure. And I know that it was really a cool stuff to learn for Free.

Thank you so much and hope to see your team and visit your office once again

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