Social Media: An Agent for Change for the Filipinos

With the emergence use of Social Media to promote our websites, we actually have doubt whether we should also consider it as one good way of marketing our products or services. Blogging, for instance has become more comprehensive and bloggers used this kind of method to promote and share their stories and unique posts. Others, have also consider sharing their personal thoughts through their walls and tweets. And companies consider this technique to reach out their thousands of users and to monitor their brands as well.

Establishing your own self through social media needs a couple of trials and errors, for your stories or yourself become a topnotch social media user, you should able to gather tons of likes and friends; retweets and recommendations. However we should also consider a good relationship between social media or blogging community so that you'll able to push through with your goals: one, is to make a good networks; second: to network yourself in general.

Are you a blogger that also uses social media as a platform to communicate with your audience? Would you like to understand how did social media influence us Filipinos? Well, I bet all of you are excited about this upcoming social media event for this August.

Pinoy_Blogfest 2.0 advocates social media for social good
-a good venue for all of us to witness this extensive transformation of social media in our daily lives. With its theme, Social Media as an agent for change, is happening on August 5, this friday at Trinoma Activity Center.

Two social media events in one day. A free admission for the whole day and a bloggers by invitation only at night.

Details about the event is posted here in Manila Bloggers Network:


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