On Piolo and Bea: CLEAR, Flip that hair

My Revelation:I was at the mall that time when this promo lady handed me a pack of sachets and I didn't noticed its brand until I went home and saw that it was from 'Clear' ... At that moment, I am clueless when I saw an ad on TV stating that a new product was about to reveal and I thought it was just an another brand until I bumped into a promo lady and she said, yes ma'am this was a new product and it's now available on the market. As I remembered, she gave me 3 sets of sachet (a total of less than 10 pcs). Until I saw its first TVC revealing the mystery product itself. And it was so cool to see a new brand that each Filipinos should try. That was my story on how I discovered the product.

And now, they have a range of men's and women's variants that suit your hair. I've already tried Ice Cool Menthol and Anti-Hair Fall, to my surprise, it washed away the unwanted flakes. And left my hair stronger and shiny.

About Hair Flipping:I kept on researching what is hair flipping is all about and how it affects one's personality. During those times, we flip our hair just to seek someone's attention or just we would love to show that we have a new hairstyle (a show off to your friends, or boyfriends). I use to flip my hair when I feel boring and nothing to do.

For actress Bea Alonzo, she did numerous hair flipping on and off cam. Specially when she is about to portray a role, According to her “It’s a boy-girl thing, and the next thing you know, that single hair flip sends fireworks shooting to the skies,” Bea mused. “But of course, you have to make it look real for the audience to appreciate and be convinced with your role.” On shoot locations, she brought hair stylists that manages her hair to look good on screen. “I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best hairstylists in the country. Even with their expert help, it’s still different if you have healthy, manageable hair,” Bea declared. “Stylists can only do so much to make hair look its best in front of the camera. Good thing I have CLEAR shampoo who does the all the hard work for me.”

That is right. Clear works where no stylist can go. With is formulated to zero in on the scalp where hair problems occur, it nourishes leaving your scalp free from dirt, dryness and flakes. Not only that; Hair lacks that shimmer and strength, making hair fall becomes apparent. For someone like Bea who’s always in the public eye, being caught with dandruff is big no-no. Neither can she afford to have falling hair.

To supply her hair and scalp with the nourishment it needs, Bea turns to New CLEAR for Women and its breakthrough formula that solves dandruff, scalp dryness and hair fall. New CLEAR for Women contains Nutrium 10, a technologically advanced formulation that nourishes the scalp three layers deep at epidermal layer so dandruff is arrested right from the roots rather than simply washing away these unwanted flakes. New CLEAR for Women is also rich in vitamins and nutrients to bring back that luster and promote stronger hair fiber. It has more nourishing ingredients and it leaves your hair 3x stronger vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand.

For you to stand out, a men must have this suave look that will melt each girl's heart. And I'm one of those girls who kept on screaming out loud specially when I about to see the country’s most sought-after leading man Piolo Pascual. For him, CLEAR gave men that ravishing style, leaving his hair shiny, dandruff free. “It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can face my fans with confidence,” Piolo shared. “I don’t have to constantly check for signs of dandruff and falling hair, thanks to CLEAR Men.”

The New CLEAR for men is formulated with Pro Nutrium 10 and 3x more effective to fight dandruff versus the leading anti-dandruff shampoo, a longer lasting anti-dandruff protection that leaves your hair 3x stronger.

“It was CLEAR then, it is CLEAR now”, says Piolo. “Why switch? Dito na ako sa only shampoo that has given my hair and scalp all the best care it deserves”, adds Bea.

No less, both new CLEAR for men and women work hand in hand to deliver the knock out TOTAL 3 results that we usually wanted for our shampoo - NO DANDRUFF, NO DRYNESS, LESS HAIR FALL.

Famous personalities like Bea and Piolo has just proven that their images has become more unique, expressing that each roles they portray carries their own persona (not just hair flipping to capture the media's attention) but also expressing their own themselves as good actor and actress to prove that they can continuously grab their fan's heart.


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