TV5 Pinoy Explorer with Aga Muhlach #nasaansiaga

A send off party? We were surprised that we thought it was a 'farewell' party. Everybody got confused and later on we found out that TV5 has something different to offer which more like a travel show program hosted by Aga Muhlach. It was my first time to see him and it was such a memorable experience. The press launch held at Borough's at the Podium Mall and it was well attended by different media people from print, tv and online.

The approach of the program is really different. It is more like an interactive style wherein all of us are allowed to participate. There were two sets of adventures to choose from: one is guess where is Aga (hulaan kung saan si aga) and the other one was let us unite to complete the flag and a chance to win iPad2. All we have to do is to tweet with the hashtag #nasaansiaga

To learn more about this two amazing offer brought to you by TV5's Pinoy Explorer, visit its official website at
and read the mechanics of how to join (located at the upper portion of the page).

Clues were given from time to time, I've seen one at the bottom of the page :)

Aga said it was his first time to host a program. He felt nervous and later on promise that he'll going to improve his hosting craft (we knew that he's such a great actor onscreen and television but this time it'll be another challenge for him).

The program is directed by Rowell Santiago who was also present in the press launch.

Aga's Message

It is also Aga's birthday, and TV5 got a surprise for him :)


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