Yahoo Philippines: To deliver your world, your way

  Yahoo, is best known for having its own web portal and search engine. Other Yahoo! features are Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo Directory and so forth. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo today has become one of the premier digital media company offering its different products worldwide.

The Yahoo! Story by Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador, Yahoo! Philippines

The program started with getting to know more about Yahoo! Philippines and its services to the Filipino users. We all knew that Yahoo! has become one of the largest digital media platform today and continuously providing good source of information to all of its customers.

Yahoo! Philippines 

 #1 in mail, messenger, news, finance entertainment tv, shopping, real estate, autos and personal homepage-indeed, Yahoo! Philippines has provided the real time information that every Yahoo users need regardless of age, gender and location.

Yahoo! Mail has 3,301,000 unique visitors each month
-Yahoo! Mail was my very first email that I created :)

Recently, there were series of developments happened on Yahoo! Mail wherein Social Media features are integrated on your inbox. Meaning, you don't need to get off the mailbox if you would like to get the latest updates from your social network. All you have to do is to manage your profile and add your Social Network accounts.

Yahoo! Messenger has 2,123,000 unique visitors each month
-It was said that we, Filipinos 'invented' the slang word 'YM'

At this moment, YM has upgraded it service wherein chat features were also enabled to integrated with your Facebook Chat. I haven't tried it but most Yahoo users are using it conveniently.

Yahoo! News has 1,401,000 unique visitors each month

-I always check on real time news at Yahoo! and it was very well maintained.

On this month, Yahoo News (Philippines) are written in Filipino Language (Tagalog) to support our Linggo ng Wika. I was surprised when I saw tagalog news on my Yahoo page :)

Yahoo! Finance has 278,000 unique visitors each month
-I love reading stories about savings, debts, financing, etc

slide presentation taken from: Yahoo! Philippines Net Index 2011 Media Briefing


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