My Gardenia Plant Tour Activity

I've never been into 'tour plant' since High School. During those years, we were able to visit several places like paper mills, soft drink companies, chocolate factories and so forth. This time, it was really an exciting tour wherein we're going to visit Gardenia (yes, the ever famous bread making company in our country) at Laguna Industrial Park (LIIP), BiƱan, Laguna.

As we alight our vans, we saw a huge welcome banner and officers from Gardenia Bakeries (Philippines) Inc. After that, we changed our clothes with "I love Gardenia" shirts and entered the hall. The first activity we had was the introduction of the company wherein we watched a short video presentation to discover more about Gardenia. From my understanding, the company also has operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The only difference is the variants of breads that they offering like pan de sal is a Filipino trademark.

We toured the plant, it was very secured and the bread machineries were really huge. I salute their advance bread making technology and the system they've implemented on how they distribute the products that made them proud to become one of the most highly innovated bread making company in our industry today. As they envision to become know of providing high quality products nationwide, Gardenia has become popular on the classic white bread which is cholesterol free and bromate free. The breads that has vitamins and minerals, has zero transfat and continuing producing good quality of variants that will ensure the consumers that the breads they're selling are really freshly made.

Another amazing part of this tour was to discover the distribution system to ensure that breads are really fresh when it reach the consumers. As Gardenia follows its international policy of keeping only fresh stocks on the store shelves. As soon as products come out of the factory, delivery vans leave the production plant as early as 4 o’clock in the morning to bring the products to the specific locations in the country, in  different supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores and sari-sari stores. Replacing unsold breads in store shelves with only freshly baked top-quality products, during each day of delivery, is a Gardenia practice no one can match.    --UNBELIEVABLE, YES! (source: Gardenia press kit hehe)

Gardenia's real power of advertisement captured each of every Filipino's heart. Ika nga, masarap kahit walang palaman slogan has garnered a lot of attention and today, we really love Gardenia breads fromW hite Bread (available in 600 and 400 grams), High Fiber Wheat Bread, High Calcium Milk Bread, Honey Oat Loaf, Sugar Free 12 Grain Loaf, and specialty loaves like California Raisin Loaf, Chocolate Chip Loaf, Double Delights Loaf, Black Forest Loaf, Slim ‘N Fit Wheaten Bread, Wheat Raisin, Butterscotch and Gardenia’s Mini Wonders line (225 gm personal loaf versions of Gardenia’s flavored loaf breads)—Double Delights Loaf, Mongo Loaf, and Ube loaf. Pandesal, Whole Wheat Bun, Hotdog and Hamburger buns, Toasts, and single-serve snack items such as filled buns, twiggies, muffins, toast breads and cream rolls. -- TOO MANY VARIANTS, AND ALL OF THEM WERE REALLY DELICIOUS!


Everybody is welcome to visit Gardenia plant, form a group, invite your school or assocation and submit your proposal. One more thing, Gardenia won't let you go home without brining the fresh breads with you :)

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