How to use BPI Express Assist

How to use BPI Express Assist3 Simple Steps:

To start using, simply touch the screen

Transaction selection
-bills payments
-sss payments
-bir payments

Input your transaction details
Get the queue number and proceed to teller when your number is called

When customers gets to teller
-customers gives the cash or check for deposits/payments or receives cash for withdrawals
-teller validates the transaction document and gives it to the customer

What are the benefits to customers
-eliminates need to fill out deposit, withdrawal and payment slips
-customers directly inputs to BEA
-customers still gets proof of transaction via the validated transaction documentensures accuracy
-BEA detects errors in account numbers inputted
-Eliminates errors in interpretation of customer's handwritten details

faster processing
-transaction details automatically transmitted from BEA to teller
-transaction time cut down by as much as 30%

comfort and info-tainment

-instead of standing in line, customers can now sit while waiting for their number to be called
-shorter waiting time
-customers learns financial tips shown on screen while waiting for turn

a winning proposition
response from experts
-best branch automation and networking award in the 5th asian banker technology implementation awards programmer customer response
92% of customers preferred using BEA versus the traditional way

My Story about BEA - BPI Express Assist Website:

Have you tried using BEA? If yes, kindly share your experience here by posting on the comment box.
I would love to hear your reactions, suggestions and comments on using BEA.


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