Blogging Challenge: Please Share your thoughts

I'm still thinking what to write. My blogger friends came up with unique style of approach. Even some will use our own language to post (a tribute maybe since its August, a linggo ng wika). But I realized that this time, it'll be different. I'm asking you few questions and you guys have to answer through posting on the comment box.

I don't have a prize since we knew the permits issue (I've also taken down some of the unannounced contests for the sake of respect to the issue)...but what we will win today is the things we will discover among all bloggers.


just answer below:

1. do we really need to write long?
2. how long (duration can be hours, days, frequency of writing) do you write?
3. what are the topics do you cover?
4. wordpress or blogger?
5. year/month you've started blogging

my answer:

1. no. i don't write long articles (depending on the topic) and it really takes time for a user to read such long story (if its interesting, then your readers will keep on coming back)

2. duration: i can blog for an hour about a certain topic; i can write (serious articles) for 2-4 hours...frequency, nah if am in the mood i will write :)

3. general.mostly on lifestyle, foods, gatherings, happenings, parties, celebrities, concerts, and blogging

4. blogger. but am switching to wp anytime this week :) haha

5. glamourmoments started 2009, my fan blog debuted 2006, my very first blog is 2003

optional: retweet this topic or share it on your walls :)

I joined the blog challenge project of Azrael's Merryland ( )
for the month of August 2011.

Here are the bloggers who joined the blog challenge project


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