Searching for the most globally networked indivdual

Through the power of internet, many of us were able to connect with our friends both locally and global. Making it one of the best platform to communicate with one another using IMs, emails, facebook, twitter and a lot more. In business, companies are now transacting globally through e-commerce and money transfers. Exchanging goods are not that complicated and transporting your products into one place is much easier. Households are now engaging on how to receive remittances coming from their loved ones abroad and students are more likely comfortable in paying their tuition fees sent by their parents.

Luckily, there is one good company that connects all over the world. On its 160th anniversary, Western Union has said to be one of  the leader in global payment system catering the convenience of both consumers and business with its fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money throughout the world.

Now, here is the challenge that we are waiting for. To qualify, you must able to read and understand the instructions on how you can be the next World's most globally networked individual - a challenge that Western Union is launching through its online application,

How to join? Just simple. Logon first to your Facebook account, check out this website and you'll receive your world index score that will shown online. Comparing those rankings against other users will determine who among the users has receive the highest mark score and will awarded being the most ranking individual connected using the Western Union web application.

Next thing to do is to post the results on my comment box (see below)

And answer this question
What time is shown in the clock in the homepage of
a. 11am
b. 12nn
c. 10am

Don't forget to share your experience and invite your friends to take this challenge at  

and ask them to post the results on my page at

Announcement of the winner who took this challenge is on September 1, 2011


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