Fan Accounts: 30 Seconds to Mars in Manila

The two lucky winners of our contest for 30 Seconds to Mars in Manila shared their stories.

Fan Account #1

I woke up on the 29th and the first thing I checked was the weather. Clear skies. Sunshine. Perfect.  And I thought, miracles do happen, it’s gonna be a fine, rain-less day for the concert.  But hell, the sky has something in store for us; we just didn’t it know yet.

As we rode our way to the venue, the sky started to darken, and as we queued, it started to drizzle. At 6 pm, we were already inside. Waiting for two hours for the show to start, the rain didn’t let up, good thing we brought umbrellas. At about half past eight, Kjwan warmed the audience up, and as courtesy to the people at the back, we folded our umbrellas. Right then, the rain was pouring hard, and I thought: “Bring it!” Nothing’s gonna keep me from enjoying this moment.

After Kjwan performed, for about an hour, we never opened our umbrellas again, and we were drenched, totally. A question flooded my mind, “Will the concert push through?”, and I started biting my nails, a habit I do when in doubt.  Then, at the stage, the crew started unveiling a drum set and the crowd went berserk. After a while, the lights dimmed and Tomo and Shannon appeared, and like mad men, we went wild as Jared sang Escape.

As the band bannered away 14 songs, I jumped, shouted and sang with all my might. I can’t take into account and writing everything that happened that night. I remember Jared saying: “Philippines, ikaw na”. “Mahal”, and eating noodles for breakfast, and that those made me smile like a fool. Everything was almost like a blur, a very momentous, glorious blur. The concert has no specific highlight, no single defining moment, no climax, because the WHOLE concert was the climax. I don’t care if I’m soaked in rain and sweat; I don’t mind my sore throat. I was there at that THE moment.  I WAS THERE. It was a night to remember.
We were kings and queens, we owned the night.

And now, as of this writing, not two days have passed since the concert and I am longing for their return here in the Philippines. Playing the concert set list in my player in loop, reliving the moment. Oh, and by the way, it is raining. Perfect. Bring it.


Fan Account #2

I arrived in Trinoma early to fall in line in the gold ticket section, thanks to Azrael I won a gold ticket. Around 6 pm, the fans where allowed to get inside the concert venue. While waiting for the concert to begin, it started to rain, it was good that rain coat was sold inside the concert venue. I was thinking there's a chance that the concert will be postpone because of the heavy rain. Then the concert staff removed the cover of the equipment in the stage even though it was still raining. After a few minutes, Kjwan performed as a front act.

After the performance of Kjwan, the concert staffs prepared the stage for performance of 30 Seconds to Mars. Then 30 Seconds to Mars went up the stage and the crowd screamed and went wild. The first 4 songs on that setlist was Escape, A Beautiful Lie, Attack, Search and Destroy. I tried taking pictures but it was hard taking pictures because of the rain. The 5th song was "This is war", one of my favorite songs and popular songs from 30STM. The next three songs was 100 Suns, Vox Populi, and L490. Before they played Hurricane, Jared Leto thanked the crowds for watching and the fans that watched the concert of Incubus, one day before 30STM, and still watched 30STM's concert. Jared also said "Philippines, Ikaw Na!".

After the song "Hurricane", they performed the song "Alibi" in acoustic version. Then Jared asked five fans to go to the stage with him and he played the song "The Kill" also in acoustic version. I wish that "Alibi" and "The Kill" was not played in acoustic version. The next and the 12th song on the setlist was "Night of the Hunter". The second to the last song was "Closer to the Edge", my most favorite song of 30 Seconds to Mars.

Before the encore and last song "Kings and Queens", Jared asked some fans to go up on the stage. I wish that the song "From Yesterday" was included in the setlist but it wasn't. It was rocking and wet concert. Thank you again Azrael for the gold ticket.

Again a special thank you to Futuretainment Inc. for partnering with us!


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