What is your favorite purchase ever?

Its pay day once again and you are thinking of some stuffs that you would like to purchase but your budget is not cooperating. So, you have decided to keep your extra money and start promising to buy that new gadget in town on your next pay check schedule. What about purchasing something like a new fixture at home ended up that it didn't suit your room instead putting it on other place that you think it would look nice at the hallway?

We really love to spend our money, some would love to experience things like going outside with friends and  touring around the city unlike others who would love to spend another book to read this weekend. Somehow, whatever experiences we have, we produce happiness at the end of each day.

Its not about wasting your money with something you don't like or which items made you crazy at the end of the day because its value.

No matter what kind of stuff it is or how expensive you've spent on your dinner with your co-workers, the best thing to realize is how many hours you've indulge yourself working and getting the reward on a pay day purchasing every single cent on your pockets.

How about you, what is your most valuable purchase ever? It could be a getaway tour with friends, your favorite coffee snack or a sexy dress for your wife.

For me, I went to a salon last Monday and get my hair straightened :)


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